Mysterious pictures that can t be explained

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. The world is full of mysteries, and the human race loves nothing better than to find answers to them.

Frequently, though, the answers aren't as popular as the mysteries themselves, and people will just continue right on believing, even when the evidence is right therewhy don't you just look?!

Just look, you bastard! There have been numerous reports of cattle mutilation -- that is, unexplainably dead cows turning up with odd wounds that look to be surgically precise.

Their bodies have been split open, and the soft organs inside have been removed.

10 REAL Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Their eyes, tongues, genitals and anuses may also have been removed. But the most unusual element of all, and the thing that really sets off the Crazy Alarms in people's heads, is that the bodies are always mysteriously drained of blood.

Getty Although the phrase "missing genitals" would drain our blood, too. Clearly, it's vampires. Or else aliens are doing it to study the cows. Maybe satanic cults are committing ritualistic sacrifices. No, wait: It's unseen monsters like El Chupacabra that are feasting on the livestock!

Their results? They found no evidence of anything other than natural causes and the occasional psychopath. No cult activity, no aliens, no monsters.

mysterious pictures that can t be explained

Getty No missing sisters, no cigarette-smoking men, no hot redheads. Working in the FBI is surprisingly dull. Natural causes that appear as surgical wounds? What about the removed organs? How is that possible? In most cases, scavengers such as foxes, buzzards and other critters that like beef au natural saunter by the decomposing corpse and have a bite or two -- thus the organ removal.

The surgical look comes later, when insects chew at the edges of the wounds. See, flies like soft foods, because flies don't have teeth.

Same reason we go to Taco Bell: no standards and less work. And also much like Taco Bell, they prefer the softer parts of the animal: eyes, tongues, genitals, anuses and the rough edges of those aforementioned scavenger wounds. Also, if the animal's been lying around for long enough or even short periods in the hot sunit'll bloat and burst open, often with very clean, surgical-looking tears.

And then come the maggots, which eat anything they can get their little teeth on. Via The Telegraph We just knew you needed to see this again.Nowadays, a photo can be edited to contain anything. But back in the day, when there were no such technologies or apps or photo editing software programs, if something weird showed up in a photograph, then something weird was going on. These 10 photos are so creepy and haunting and unusual that they simply cannot be explained.

The squadron that appears in this photo is a favorite of people who enjoy conspiracy theories and ghost stories. One of the soldiers in the squadron, the one who sticks out the most, is named Freddy Jackson and he is important because he was killed in a freak accident involving an airplane propeller when he was working as a mechanic.

A couple of days later, the whole squadron got together for this big group photo — and Freddy Jackson is in it. The photo was properly developed some time later, and so it was quite haunting to see him there. When President John F. Kennedy was shot in the head while his motorcade drove through Dallas on November 22,everybody who was there to see their great leader suddenly panicked and took cover.

She can be seen in all existing films of the incident to be holding up a camera, and while everyone else is freaking out and diving for cover, she keeps standing there with her camera, as if she knew not only that Kennedy was going. And then she can be seen walking away. No one has positively identified her yet. This photograph, which was taken at the grand reopening of the South Forks Bridge up in Canada, appears to feature some kind of time traveler.

This guy sticks out like a sore thumb — and he seems to be holding a camera from the modern day. Cameras back then were huge. The one that this photo was actually taken on would have been one of those big, old cameras that have to stand on tripods while the guy gets under a sheet to take the picture. Okay, they might not have been that old. His weird glasses also point to him being some kind of character out of a science fiction story.

He looks like Doc Brown crossed with a modern day hipster and amateur photographer. How do you explain that? It only tended to happen decades ago, when cameras were shooting on film. Peter took a photograph of his wife Diane while she was sitting in the church and praying, and when the photo was developed, there appeared to be a ghost sitting behind Diane. This is one of those horrifying, grainy, old photos that have some kind of freakish apparition appearing in them.

In this one, these friends are just hanging out, innocently enough, and then the Grim Reaper appears to have shown up. But since it is such an abstract concept, and the image of that character captures the terror of it so perfectly, it can be interesting to think about the concept of the Grim Reaper.

And based on this photograph, it is hard to deny that you do see a dark figure in a black cloak armed with a scythe when you do pass on from this world into the next. It would be interesting to find out when they all died, as well as if some of them were still alive. One day a few decades ago, a man named Jim Templeton was enjoying a day out with his daughter and they stopped by this marshy area where he decided to take a picture of her to capture the memory of the day.

While they were there, neither of them noticed anything odd that was going on in the area of land where they were and no one else was around when they took the photo, and yet, for some reason, in the background of the picture, it looks as though there is a spaceman standing directly behind her.

The picture became so popular and got circulated around so much that Kodak ended up getting involved in the debate and confirmed that the film had not been tampered with in any way.

So, what the hell is going on in this picture? Did the taking of the photograph temporarily open up a portal into an alternative reality where spacemen are just floating around everywhere? And when the flash of the camera went off, we managed to capture a very brief glimpse of that world.

Why was that spaceman there, lingering over some random marsh in the first place? Who knows?Although most photographs and pictures can be very pleasing to your eyes, some photos are mysterious, daunting and even mind-boggling.

Our world is a crazy place to be. Listed below are some utterly mysterious photos that we cannot seem to understand or explain even today. If you are the one who likes creepy mysteries, you will certainly enjoy these 24 Most Mysterious Pictures. This photo was shot in during the reopening of the South Forks Bridge in Canada. On first look, the picture looks similar to any other picture from that period. Spot the man dressed in modern outfit among the hats and suit jackets of the s.

He can be seen with an advanced camera, wearing odd glasses and sporting a logo. French photographer Robert Serrec shotted this photograph in He captured a quick picture of what resembles a giant snake-like creature that was resting on the seafloor.

This picture was shot on the coast of Queensland, Australia. Some assume that the picture is of a giant tarp. However, no credible explanation can be given for this bizarre photo having a snake-like creature. The photographs had a letter from the woman.

It claimed that she had photographed an ape in her backyard. Quite mysterious indeed! You may like: Most Mysterious Mythical Creatures. In fact, almost all human civilizations have legends of giants.

You must have heard stories of men that stand many feet taller than the average and have titanic strength. That said the disturbing photographs taken by Gregor Sporri in surely prove the existence of giant men. On a trip to Egypt, Sporri encountered an old grave robber who had a mummified finger that measured as much as 15 inches in length.

That should come from a man at least 12 feet tall. He saw two cigar-shaped UFOs land close to his house. The door of one of the crafts opened. Michalak heard voices.

He approached the door of the craft. The object began to rise. It expelled a flame of hot air at Michalak. It caused his shirt to erupt in flames. When he was hospitalized, the doctors saw a gridded burn pattern all across his chest. It is visible in this photo. Jim Templeton shotted this photograph while he was out with his daughter for the day. Jim admitted that there was no one else around when the photograph was taken. However, when the film got developed, he noticed a spaceman standing right behind his daughter.

Even Kodak backed his claim saying that the film was not altered in any way.

mysterious pictures that can t be explained

Thus far there have been no natural explanations of this chilling shot snapped by the Reverend K. Lord in Although most ghost pictures can be easily explained and are a result of double exposures or other trickery, this one has a different story altogether.

As you can spot, there is a spectral figure wearing a cowl and standing by the altar. Multiple experts examined it, but no explanations could be given.A picture speaks a thousand words. That is something rightly said. Photographs are a very common thing to capture memories and other usual or uncommon stuffs. But there are some photos which are just impossible to be explained. WheeBuzz digs out the 8 mysterious photos that can not be explained.

Top 10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

The incident occurred in when a man clicked the photo of his daughter but the photo contains a man behind the daughter appears to be an astronaut. This shocked the world. The person who took photograph claimed to see nobody except his daughter while photographing.

Even the Kodak Company inspected the photo and confirmed it was not tampered. Some of the photos taken at the Hessdalen valley in Norway. A number of studies have been conducted to analyse and understand what are these lights but scientists have failed to do so. This is one of the strangest and a little bit of disturbing photo.

10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

We really do not know much about the Copper family, other than the family shifted to a new home and took a family photo. When the picture developed, it showed a body falling from the ceiling. Knowing this gives Goosebumps. Inwhen the American President John F.

Kennedy died, it came up with a number of incidents including this one. A woman was recorded in number of films and photographs. She seems to be taking her own photos while other were running or cover.

Nobody knew who that woman was. FBI investigated about her identity but nothing was revealed or recovered. In the yeara dark object was reported in the orbit of Earth.

mysterious pictures that can t be explained

Surprisingly, till that time no man made satellite had been launched. Over years few other known objects were seen in the orbit but still do not know anything what was that.

This is so weird and terrifying. Intwo of the sailors were died and they were thus buried at the sea. Surprisingly, after few days the crew claimed the exact two faces following the ship. The captain of the ship clicked photo that allegedly shows the faces of the two men in the waves.Mystery is always something that people enjoy. Everyone and anyone feels like they could come up with their own assumptions or theories of how, what or when something happened, and it could not be proven whether it is wrong or right.

The following 10 photos and videos have experts completely baffled, leaving no definitive explanation in their wake. Find out the stories and conspiracies behind them.

Many mysteries still cloud the assassination of John F. One of them is the Babushka Lady, a nickname that was given to an unidentified woman who was repeatedly recorded at the scene of the shooting, using a video recorder. Police tried tracking down the woman, in hopes that her footage would reveal clues that could help with the investigation, but to this day, she has never been identified.

A woman named Beverly Oliver came forward inclaiming to be the Babushka Lady. She said that either FBI or Special Agents had tracked her down years prior and requested to develop the film she had taken at the scene of the crime, which she handed over. They then vanished, and she never heard from them again. The Hessdalen Lights are a spectacular, but unexplained light show, that can be seen various times throughout the year in the skies over Norway. The lights were most active from throughwhen people traveled from all over the world to camp out and see the lights which were said to be visible times per week.

These days, the sightings are down to about times a year. A scientific explanation for these lights remains unproven, leading many to hypothesize that they are caused by alien spacecraft. Other sightings including headlights, mirages, astronomical bodies and aircraft have been noted. However, as of Maysome scientists think they might have uncovered the mystery.

The hypothesis is that the metallic rock inside the mountains, combined with the heavy amounts of sulfur in the river, have created a battery. When ionized gas is created from the fumes, the lights become visible.

This theory is still not proven, though, and the mystery continues. If these photos of the Hook Island Sea Monster were taken present day, they would largely be accused of Photoshop.

However, they were taken on December 12, and have been widely circulated since then. And, in case you've forgotten, there was no Photoshop in When it comes to a mystery, having photographic evidence is usually pretty helpful in solving the mystery. But then there are a few mysteries that revolve around pictures themselves, and these are the most mysterious of those unsolved pictures.

The first week in the home was tough for the whole family, so at the end of the week, which was August 17,the family went out for a picnic.

They had the picture developed and did not pay much attention to it over the next few years. When Denise arrived for Christmas day celebrations, her sister asked her who did the man standing behind their grandmother look like. Denise realized it looked just like her grandfatherwho died in August of Another surprise in the picture that makes it a bit spookier is that there is another face in the photo.

Hook Island is off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and Robert Le Serrec, his family, and a friend, Henk de Jong, stayed there for three months in late They took a number of photos, including the one above and believed that it was at least 30 feet long. Le Serrec and de Jong decided to venture into the water and record it on film. When they entered the water, the monster was even bigger than they thought.

But as they started recording, the creature opened its mouth and swam away. When they checked the film, they had no footage of the creature, but the pictures clearly show it. The pictures were published in a magazine and eventually spread across the world, making it one of the most famous and unexplained pictures of a cryptid. There are a number of possible explanations as to what the creature really is. One is that it was just a plastic bag that had been used by the American Navy for experiments in towing fuel.

Or, it could be a deflated skyhook balloon covered in weeds. Finally, it could be a roll of cloth that was tied together and placed in the bottom of the lagoon. During an investigation, the FBI came across a series of disturbing photos of a young girl being abused by an unidentified man.

The only picture in the series that was normal, and safe for publication, featured the man above holding the girl. The FBI released the picture of the man, identified as John Doe 29in the hopes that someone will recognize him. They are not accusing the man of abusing her, but do believe that he may have information about the girl, who could still be very much in danger.

The man has tanned skin and shoulder length dark hair. He appears to be between the ages of 30 and He is also wearing a large silver ring on his left ring finger. The man, who is the abuser in the other pictures, is wearing a similar ring on the right hand.Here are a collection of real photos that are so baffling that they make you question the world we live in. From a man eating cave monster caught on film to compelling evidence of time travel.

The Mystery of the Pteranodon. The creature in the photo resembles a Pteranodon which is a giant flying reptile that existed during the Cretaceous period throughout what is now modern North America.

Terrifying Cave Monster. In the mid nineties two men entered a cave in Ras el Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates to take some pictures. The man left the cave and called the authorities. When police investigated they found a badly mutilated body and this photo on his camera. The Cooper Family Photo. The story goes that the Cooper family from Texas had just moved into the house and were celebrating when the dad took this photo.

When the photo was developed there was a terrifying figure falling from the roof of the house. In9 fishermen caught what they claimed to be a Cadborosaurus, a giant sea monster. The massive and elusive sea serpent has been spotted from Alaska all the way down to Southern California.

To this day no scientist has been able to identify the creature in this photo. This one has been flying around the Internet for a while but the story is just too good to pass up.

InJim Templeton took a photo of his daughter while they were picnicking on Burgh Marsh, overlooking the Solway Firth in Cumbria. When the photograph was developed it sent the media into a frenzy, garnering world-wide attention.

10 Mysterious Photos That Scientists Still Can’t Explain

There in the picture was a tiny space-man just above the young girls head. Templeton claims no one, other than his wife, was there that day. Kodak verified that the image had not been tampered with and even put out a reward to anyone who could prove otherwise.